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ScheduleOnce Outlook integration – From private beta to public beta

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Seven weeks ago, we released our integration with Outlook Calendar. Due to the sensitive and complicated nature of Outlook, the integration was released in private beta status. Users who wanted to participate in the beta program had to fill out a short questionnaire that described their Outlook environment. We sent them a participation code that allowed them to download the connector and connect their Outlook Calendar to ScheduleOnce.

During the seven weeks in which we ran the private beta program, more than 500 users connected their Outlook Calendars to ScheduleOnce. We received a lot of great feedback and fixed bugs across a wide range of system configurations – different Outlook versions, different Windows versions, and a wide range of corporate environments.

At this point in time, we feel that our Outlook integration is ready for public beta. We have removed the need for the participation code and any Professional or Enterprise user can install the connector and connect their Outlook Calendar to ScheduleOnce.

To learn more about our integration with Outlook, please see the Outlook Calendar help section.

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  • Best news ever!

  • Super! We use this at a doctor’s office to schedule patients and update/sync the doc’s calendar. Outlook integration is a useful tool to us.

  • We use Outlook in Office 365, which runs in the browser. Do you support that, or only the Outlook client that runs on Windows?

  • A great product, just keeps getting better. I’ve Google integrated with Outllook and I like the idea of select to download a calendar invite, so it’s not such a big deal for me.

    David Doyle

  • I look forward to trying it, when it becomes available for Plus (or Free) customers. I can’t justify upgrading to $20/month ($240/year) just to save me a few calendar/scheduling assists. But at $5/mo I could see it happening.


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