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ScheduleOnce 6.7 is live – Customer interface improvements

If your customers don’t have a great experience when they book with you, they will not use the system. For this reason, we invest a lot of time and effort in achieving the following goals:

  • Clean and simple interface – Easy to understand and pleasant to work with
  • Responsive design that automatically adjusts to all devices – PCs, tablets, and smartphones
  • Embeddable booking page that seamlessly blends into your website environment

With these goals in mind, ScheduleOnce 6.7 includes the following improvements to the customer interface:

Interface redesign
The customer interface has been redesigned with a sleek, modern UI across all devices – desktop, tablet, and smartphones. See our new customer interface

Personal booking page themes
It is now possible to align your booking pages with the look and feel of your brand. You can select from five ready-made themes and fully control the color of your booking page buttons. See our booking page themes

New tablet interface
Customers who access your booking pages via tablets will now enjoy a dedicated tablet interface. The new tablet interface is responsive, auto-adjusting to both portrait and landscape views.

Improved website integration
Our brandless embed is now fully responsive, allowing the booking page to automatically adjust to the width of the webpage in which it is embedded, providing your customers with the best scheduling experience on any device. In addition, the new light and modern interface blends into your website environment, conveying your brand identity at its fullest. See our brandless embed

Please note: If ScheduleOnce is already embedded in your website, you must replace the embed code by going in your ScheduleOnce Account to Integration -> Website integration -> Brandless embed.

To learn more about this new release, please see the What’s new in 6.7 article.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, we would love to hear it. You can add a comment to this post or use our Contact page.

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  • Hi, is there a screenshot of what this new interface is supposed to look like? Because I have to be honest…I’m not seeing the pages looking all that different. Not that they are terrible – I LOVE Schedule Once and can’t live without it – but I wouldn’t exactly call the browser experience “sleek” or “modern.” Sorry. So maybe I’m not seeing what you think I’m seeing?

    • Hi Judi,

      The new interface can be seen on your booking page, or you can see an example here:

      There are a number of subtle differences from before and a few more pronounced ones. Of course, in the end, the description of any aesthetic design is subjective. What is objective is its expanded effectiveness with all platforms. Part of what makes the design modern is the responsiveness of the design and the way it reacts to any number of different devices, which is not something that stands out, but instead does its work in the background, quietly making itself ideal to each customer that accesses your booking page, no matter how they access it. If you embed the page in your website using our brandless embed option, you will see even more advanced development.

      Thanks for your input. We’re always listening and looking for ways to keep improving ScheduleOnce.

      Best regards,

  • I’d sure like to see Outlook for Mac compatibility. I have no choice over the email client I use at work, so without Outlook for Mac compatibility, I have to manually book appointments in my Outlook – prone to errors.

  • Is this version live? I’ve noticed the current booking embeds on my site are NOT responsive. Do I have re-embed?

    • Hi Joshua,

      Thanks for letting us know. For information on usage with a currently embedded brandless embed, see here:

      If ScheduleOnce is already embedded in your website:

      1. There is no need to change your embed code, except for in one case. If you embedded a mobile-only interface, you will need to replace the embed code in order to enjoy the full benefits of our new, responsive design.

      2. Since the embedded page is now fully responsive, you should check your website to see that the width of the embedded booking page has not changed. You can control the width by adjusting the width of your web page and the ScheduleOnce embedded page will adjust accordingly.

      If you have followed this and it is still not responding as expected, please email the website link where it is embedded to and we would be happy to assist.

      • Hi Joshua,

        Let me correct what I said previously. We’ve learned that some of the already-integrated brandless embed pages will require the new code, depending on when you added it to your site. Best to just grab the new code. 🙂

        You can find that within your account at Integration >> Website integration >> Brandless embed.

        Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  • What’s the difference between and

    How can I get/use, which I like better than

    • Hi Nick, is for our Master booking pages and is for our standard Booking pages. However, good news: The links are interchangeable. Once a link is taken on, it is also taken on because it mirrors it. So if you just start using, it will immediately work. You can also use, if you prefer that instead. All of them work. 🙂

      Best regards,

  • The only thing I am still not satisfied with is that payment is not fully integrated with scheduling. After choosing a date and time, the client/student fills out a form and clicks a button labeled “done”. If they wait, they will be directed to the PayPal page to make payment. But clicking “done” gives the impression that the appointment is booked and indeed, confirmation e-mails are sent out even though payment has not been made. Will this be corrected/improved anytime soon?

    I didn’t have this problem on fullslate or acuityscheduling. I like ScheduleOnce better for other reasons but am disappointed that this defect lingers.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Janine,

      Good news! We are actively working on an integration with PayPal and this should be available in Q1 of next year. We’d be glad to contact you when it’s live.

      Best regards,


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