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ScheduleOnce 6.1 is live – Infusionsoft integration

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We are happy to announce ScheduleOnce 6.1 with support for deep Infusionsoft integration:

The ScheduleOnce connector for Infusionsoft supports the following features:

  • Infusionsoft record creation
    When a booking is made via ScheduleOnce, the Contact record is automatically created or updated in Infusionsoft.
  • Record assignment
    When a booking is made, contact records can be automatically assigned to the Booking page owner, or maintain their existing ownership.
  • Field mapping
    When a booking is made via ScheduleOnce, ScheduleOnce custom and system fields are automatically mapped to Infusionsoft fields and added to the Infusionsoft Contact and Appointment record.
  • Infusionsoft tags
    When a booking is made via ScheduleOnce, Infusionsoft tags can be automatically added to booking pages, services, and master booking pages.
  • Booking lifecycle tags
    When a booking is made via ScheduleOnce, booking lifecycle tags are automatically added to the Infusionsoft Contact and remain in sync throughout the booking lifecycle.
  • Appointment tracking
    When a booking is made via ScheduleOnce, an Infusionsoft Appointment is automatically added to the Contact record and the Infusionsoft Calendar. The Appointment is updated when the booking is canceled or rescheduled.
  • Automatic classification
    When a booking is made via ScheduleOnce, the Contact and Appointment are automatically classified and prioritized in Infusionsoft.
  • Lead sources
    When a booking is made via ScheduleOnce, Web lead sources are automatically assigned to every booking contact.
  • Web tracking
    The Infusionsoft tracking code helps you optimize your Booking forms by capturing visitor activity and making it available for analysis in Infusionsoft.
  • Integrated Infusionsoft links
    The link to the Infusionsoft Contact record is available in all ScheduleOnce activities and notifications, enabling a seamless connection between the two systems.

To learn more about ScheduleOnce 6.1, please see the What’s new in 6.1 article.

If you would like to learn more about our integration with Infusionsoft and see a live demo, please schedule a free consultation.

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  • Brilliant! So glad to hear this. We (and our members and prospective members) have been loving ScheduleOnce for booking appointments, and the Infusionsoft integration will improve efficiency further for us, with the ability to apply trigger tags in Infusionsoft for automating tasks, notes, campaigns etc. within Campaigns. Great to see a developer have a “coming soon” feature that did actually, come soon! 🙂 Thanks Rami!

    • You are very welcome. Thanks for the great feedback.

  • Just to clarify – you need to subscribe first to the scheduleonce service and second to the integrator app. Integration not included with scheduleonce account – is that correct?

    • Hi Jürgen,

      The Infusionsoft connector is an integral part of ScheduleOnce and can be used with any plan. However, there is an additional fee for the connector of $19/user/month.

      Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any additional questions.

      All the best,


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