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New release – SchedulOnce 2.5

OnceHub news

We are proud to release an updated version of ScheduleOnce – Version 2.5 which brings major ease of use and productivity improvements in Inbound and Outbound Scheduling:

Simplified Outbound scheduling: We have overhauled the user interface for creating a new invitation, making it as simple and quick as creating a new invitation in your calendar. You enter the meeting subject, propose a few times and you are done. Whether a group or one on one meeting, outbound scheduling can be used for scheduling the vast majority of your meetings, saving you time and making you more efficient. We encourage all our users to check our new Outbound scheduling by clicking New invitation from your personal ScheduleOnce home page.

Use ScheduleOnce without time zones: ScheduleOnce is known for its outstanding time zone support, but there are many cases where scheduling happens in a single time zone only. To support these cases with greater simplicity we now provide the option to disable time zone support. This can be done for Inbound and Outbound scheduling and can be changed on a per meeting basis.

More control in inbound scheduling: We have received many requests from users to enable more control over how time slots are displayed. It is now possible to specify when time slots should start (00, 15, 30 or 45), show the maximum number of time slots, set default duration within a range and more. All these improvements give you fine-grained control over how your time slots are displayed and maximize the utilization of your schedule.

All the above features are currently live and available in all plans. We are continuing our diligent work on more exciting stuff and looking forward to continue serving you with the best scheduling tool on the market.

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  • Great news about the time zones! This is a must have feature, as the previous setting has caused us a lot of headache.

  • A few other suggestions we would welcome when people are making bookings in the second step “Schedule Appointment”, we would like the following fields:
    1. Company Name and Your Name – which would fill in the subject field in GCal
    2. Your email address
    3. Message which would be added to the description field in GCal

    We go to film markets and it’s essential for us to quickly see which company we are meeting every 30 minutes, so the subject should be company name in our case.

    I hope this can be introduced in the near future, maybe in the form of custom fields?


    in the

  • Hi Aneta,

    There are good suggestions. We already support point number 2 and will see how we can add some of the others to our upcoming releases.

  • Thanks so much for the options to turn off time zones and control when times are offered! These are very helpful to my work.

  • Thanks for these. It would be great to be able to use outbound scheduling to set up multi-day meetings (like retreats, etc.). Right now, when I lead such events, I still have to do it through email.

    • Hi John,

      You can actually do it now. Simply select an hour in each day you want to propose – like 12:00pm each day and tell you invitees that this stands for a full days. As long as you use the same hour for all the days you want to propose this should work really well. We have other customers who use ScheduleOnce in this way.



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