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Customer mobile user interface – Early preview

OnceHub news

We are a month away from releasing the mobile user interface for the customer side. This means that when your customers access your MeetMe or BookNow pages via a mobile device, they will be automatically served with a dedicated mobile interface.

The mobile interface is a modern HTML 5 application and does not require any download or setup.

If you would like to preview the new interface and provide us with feedback we will be happy to send you some links to MeetMe and BookNow pages that you can test on your mobile device.

Please send an email to and tell us about the type of scheduling that you do so that we can send you the relevant links.

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  • Awesome! A few quick questions –

    1) Will we have one link to send people to, and an automatic redirect to the mobile version, or separate ones?

    I’ve just found ur company, and I am impressed, and this might be the tipping point in terms my business (and my clients too:) well if..

    2) Will you have the Custom website button (I assume this would be easy (except the float verbiage might mean its widget activated, which wouldn’t – or shouldn’t show on many mobile sites)

    3) or will you have even the Brandless embed (a mobile version) feature on mobile sites? This wouldn’t be too hard (on my end) – I can take any html and embed in a mobile template – IF the …. (brain fart) … dimensions are set for mobile users…

    I realize this might be a question for the techies… LoL

    • Hi Caleb,

      Thanks for your note. There will be one link for desktop and mobile and if the customer is on a mobile device it will be detected and adjusted automatically.

      We plan to enable embedding of the Mobile version in addition to the desktop version. We still need to investigate and see exactly how we will do it but it is definitely in the plan as we know that there is demand for embedding in narrow spaces.

      Kind Regards,

  • Hi Rami,

    Thanks for the preview.

    The pages worked really well on my iPhone.

    I take it that the pages would now work on mobile now….right?


    • Hi Aftab,

      Yes, the mobile interface is now live.

      All the best,


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