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Coming soon: A major enhancement to ScheduleOnce notifications

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Notifications to customers and users are a critical component of the ScheduleOnce platform. From requests such as booking, rescheduling, reminders and cancelling, we make sure our users and their customers never miss each other.

Today, all ScheduleOnce notifications are handled via our automated email templates. While these templates are good, many customers have asked for more control and more options:

  • Template customization: Completely customize the content of any ScheduleOnce notification to your customers and users.
  • SMS support: Send any ScheduleOnce notification via SMS to any valid mobile number worldwide.
  • Email integration: Send all ScheduleOnce emails from your company’s domain and email address of your choice.

We spent the vast majority of 2014 working hard to develop these features and we are happy to announce that they will be going live soon. SMS support will be available to all paid accounts, while template customization and email integration will be available to our Enterprise accounts.

In the meanwhile, if these enhancements are of interest to you, we would love to show you a sneak preview and receive your feedback. You can use to schedule your demo.

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  • Hi there, my business has been using scheduleonce for more than a year and are continuously surprised by the great new additions and bug-fixes that the team keeps coming up with. Nonetheless, I have a few suggestions that I wish can be considered to further enhance the user/client experience:

    1. allow the ability for customers/clients to book multiple bookings at the “Pick a date and time” interface

    2. at the “pick a date and time” interface, allow clients to be able to view both available and unavailable slots, so as to get a bit of transparency into the user’s schedule

    3. potentially shorten the “reschedule request” process by allowing the user to cancel and reschedule a previously booked appointment and simultaneously assign a new slot for the said client/customer. Often times, this saves a lot of trouble when making off-hour exceptions for client/customers.

    4. If all of the above can be configurable, which will be even better!

    *Obviously, some of the suggestions might require a major architectural overhaul, but these are some of my after-thoughts after an extensive time of using scheduleonce. Many thanks for reading!

    • Hi David,

      Thanks for your great feedback. Please see my comments:

      1. We already have support for session packages:

      2. We have not see any demand for this but we will keep it in mind.

      3. We plan to add support for the reschedule on behalf of a customer process.

      If you have any questions or comments please let us know.

      Best Regards,

      • Regarding point #1 the session packages should be made more flexible. The idea is that clients should be able to schedule 1 to 8 sessions for example, instead of always 8 at a time. Sometimes clients want to set only one appointment in advance, sometimes more.

        • Hi Scott,

          Thanks for your comment. You can achieve the result you want by duplicating the service with a different number of sessions for each service and placing them all under a category. For example, see this demo: that has services with 1, 3 and 5 sessions.

          What you are suggesting will not work when we add payments.

          All the best,

  • I am super excited for the email templates! I’ve been trying to figure out a solution for this for months, and this has the potential to really help our business. Do you have a rough ETA for the release?

    • Hi Daniel,

      This release is expected to go live in a few weeks.

      Best Regards,


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