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Best practices using our OnceHub for Gmail extension

In our recent release, we introduced OnceHub for Gmail, our Chrome extension. If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out:

You’re writing an email to a contact and want them to book with you. Okay, it’s time to grab your scheduling link. Do you have it saved somewhere? You memorized it and you’re typing out the whole URL? Do you have to go to OnceHub to grab the right link? 

If you want to personalize that link so your customer can schedule immediately, without typing their name and email into a form, do you remember the correct URL syntax to add that personalization? 

If you want to ensure your customer can only use the link once, how long does it take you to switch to OnceHub, find the right page, and create a one-time link? 

We often find that users shuffle through different tabs and pages to grab the right link, breaking their workflow and lowering their productivity, when they could be grabbing the link in seconds, without ever leaving their inbox. You can use the OnceHub for Gmail extension to manage any of these scenarios in seconds, without switching tabs.  

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Webinar this Thursday: 3 ways to be more productive with OnceHub for Gmail

This Thursday, learn how our new Chrome extension, OnceHub for Gmail, can optimize your productivity. 

You’ll discover the best ways to share your scheduling links without leaving Gmail, straight from our CEO, Rami Goraly

He’ll discuss best practices and provide a hands-on demo, with a Q&A at the end. 

Want a sneak peek? 
Read our post about best practices using OnceHub for Gmail.

Version 9.6 is live: Share scheduling links without leaving Gmail

Happy new year! We’re starting off 2020 with our latest release, OnceHub 9.6. 

The main highlight is our new Chrome extension, OnceHub for Gmail. After a quick installation, you’ll be able to share your scheduling links without leaving your inbox. 

You can minimize breaks in your workflow, saving time and effort as you share your scheduling links with customers. Whether you want to provide the standard generic link, a one-time link, or a personalized link, you can copy and paste it into your email in seconds, without shuffling through browser tabs. 

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How We Fell Victim To Card Testing Fraud

The last three weeks have been hectic for our company. Credit card testing fraud has hit us hard. This post is the third on this subject, following the first post by our Trust and Data protection officer and the second post made by me. In this post, I would like to take a step back and explore the larger context of what happened and what we learned from it.

We design our product for the good guys: people who want to eliminate the back-and-forth when scheduling meetings with people outside their organization. We put a lot of thought and effort into creating a great product for the good guys. Unfortunately, it turns out there are also bad guys who want to use our product for illegal purposes, as another piece in their crime chain.

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Card Testing Fraud – Continued

If you are a OnceHub customer trying to pay for your account, read below to learn why we have temporarily suspended payment via credit cards.

If you are not a OnceHub customer and see a charge from OnceHub on your credit card statement, your card details were stolen from another merchant and were used by fraudsters on OnceHub in order to test if the card still works so that they can use it for bigger purchases. You must notify your financial institution and cancel your card immediately.

If you are interested in the bigger story behind this incident, you can read our CEO’s summary and perspective.

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Credit Card Testing Fraud

If you are interested in the bigger story behind this incident, you can read our CEO’s summary and perspective.

Credit Card Fraud is a growth industry.  Survey after survey shows that “card-not-present” fraud is a multi-billion dollar industry which shows no sign of slowing down.

Like all online merchants, we are not immune to the impact of this type of fraud, and we recently experienced an incident where our software was used by a fraudster in an illegal way – for what is known as Credit Card Testing Fraud.

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The 5 Golden Rules to Increase Bookings from your Website

Golden rules for online scheduling

Would you like to capture more leads from your website? OnceHub CEO Rami Goraly shares his golden rules for improving conversion from online scheduling. 

Using online scheduling has definite advantages over web forms. With a Booking page you’re not only capturing a lead’s contact details, you’re also capturing their time with a confirmed meeting. This signals sincere interest, fosters commitment, and shortens time to engagement. It means more qualified leads enter your funnel. 

Optimizing your Booking page reduces the bounce rate and lead spillage, and ensures you’re getting the most out of your online scheduling for maximum conversion. 

Let’s look at the five ways you can boost your Booking page and drive more leads down your funnel.

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How to use Online Scheduling for Support Sessions

OnceHub co-founder and CEO Rami Goraly shares his advice for customer success teams on how and when to use online scheduling for support queries.

For most support teams, client meetings count as a worst-case scenario. They’re time-consuming, usually form part of an escalation path, and create bottlenecks. Imagine if your team accepted online booking requests from every customer. Once you’ve scheduled an online booking with a customer, there’s an added risk of that generic booking link being misused to bypass your standard processes. This is especially problematic for tier-two specialists whose time needs to be carefully managed. 

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Scheduling Scenarios for Financial Advisors

Scheduling tools for financial advisors

In our last blog, we touched on how technology is reshaping the financial planning sector, including scheduling tools for financial advisors. Online scheduling allows financial advisors to keep up with their clients’ changing needs and gain a competitive edge.  

Financial planning firms and individual financial planners have one thing in common – client meetings. A larger firm might have more complex requirements for setting up meetings than a single financial planner, but both businesses can benefit greatly from using scheduling tools for financial advisors. You can connect with clients faster and make yourself more accessible to potential and existing clients. 

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How financial advisors can get the most out of scheduling

scheduling for financial advisors

Financial advisors must leverage technology to stay relevant. OnceHub co-founder and CEO Rami Goraly shares his advice for financial advisors on using ScheduleOnce and InviteOnce to their advantage.

The rise of robo-advisors and online financial sites make it easy for clients to source unbiased recommendations without a middle man. Financial advisors are still a trusted source of information. The advantage you have over online sources are the long-standing relationships you build with your clients. When it comes to financial planning, face-to-face meetings are the norm. Online scheduling eliminates the back and forth and allows clients to schedule meetings with you quickly and conveniently. 

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